22. Jahrestagung, 20. bis 24. Juni 2019

Many are the ways of telling the story of modernity: crises of the subject, of language, of codes of representation, industrialization, urbanization, secularization, rationalization, social differentiation, etc. Rather than telling this story through the lens of the subject and its crises, this conference proposes to approach modernity through objects, and specifically, how objects emerge, what is ideologically encoded or hidden in them, how best to “read” them, what differentiates “objects” and “things”, what objects tend to draw our attention and why, in what ways they constitute a world, enable or prohibit critique. Could we retell the history of modernity through objects, that is, think about an object-oriented modernity, and what might be gained (or lost) through such an approach?

Programm (PDF)

Orte: Kaštel Soardo-Bembo Castel ul. 1, 52211, Bale - Valle (Tag 1, 3, 4, 5), Juraj Dobrila University of Pula Zagrebačka 30, 52100, Pula - Pola (Tag 2)

Jahresthema 2018/19: Verdinglichung